Thanks to my grandmother, Els de Graaf, I ended up in the creative world from an early age. Working with soapstone and clay, among other things, was on the program for many weekends. From that moment on I started to develop more and more with my creative side.


Around my 8th year I started acting at “Deo et Arti” and I became more and more active within the association. When I was later asked to take care of the promotional messages for the club, I knew that this would become my field.


With that interest I started to develop different styles, so that making designs always remains interesting for multiple target groups. On this site you will therefore also find various works that I have made myself, but also what is possible. I like to work on commission and to translate the wishes and message of the client in the best possible way into a beautiful and clear design.


- Mischa Zegers Veeckens